About Us

Menatek Defense Technologies is the leading high-tech manufacturer and largest supply chain manager of Turkey and the MENA Region. The customer list is consisting of but not limited to international vehicle manufacturers as well as US Army, Turkish Army, NSPA and more. Utilizing 50 years of specialized know-how on heavy to light military vehicles, all types of tactical & combat platforms and its wide range of strategic suppliers; Menatek provides a comprehensive and effortless environment on manufacturing, testing and supplying for its customers.

Menatek specializes in the production of main systems and subsystems which are Suspension, Brake Systems, Running Gear, Powertrain, Hull, Turret & Chassis, Lubrication, Heating-Cooling. One of Menatek’s key speciality is superior supply management skills and high-quality standards. We are proud to say that all products and suppliers get inspected and audited by Menatek Defense Technologies accordingly with it's 'MDT Supplier Quality' Standards.


After established in 1995, started off as a spare part supplier for the after-market of the Turkish Army, today Menatek has over 7250 different components in its inventory. The company has a dedicated core team that composed of highly skilled individuals enabling complicated tasks. They focus on designing special products for military vehicles and high-tech industries. After all, the team has developed the first line of patented, self-lubricating bearings that can be adapted not only to combat vehicles but to various types of heavy wheeled vehicles and trains.

Menatek works with the most capable suppliers around the world, comprising the processes such as; Casting ( sand, investment, shell-mold , and die casting), Forging ( die, aluminum and ring roll forging), Cold Forming ( Deep Drawing, Flow and Roll Forming, Aluminum Extrusion), CNC Machining & Grinding and Gear Manufacturing.

1995 Establishment
Supplying Spare Parts for the Turkish Army (1995)

Manufacturing partner for US Companies for the US Army (2000)

Supplying to NSPA (2002)

Become a Prime Contractor for the US Army DLA / Tacom (2006)

First complete sub-system production. (2013)

Taking parts in National Projects. (2014)

New Head-quarters building (2015)
Becoming an approved supplier for an OEM (2015)
Becoming an offset partner for the OEM (2015)
First appearance at the Local defense expo – IDEF’15
First Appearance at an international defense expo- DSEI’15
Becoming an offset partner for Marine/Navy Projects. (2015)

Becoming an approved supplier for a vehicle integrator (2016)
Menatek gives international representation (2016)
Menatek start using ERP system. (2016)

Menatek gives domestic representations – Turkey (2017)
Simulation Software upload. (2017)
Establishment of the R&D department. (2017)

First product by Menatek – NAZ Bearings (2018)

Armor solutions of Menatek demonstrated to perform well during the tests for STANAG 4569 level 3 and 4. That is called as Sur Armour Systems. (2019)

Turkey’s first mono block glass periscope manufactured in Turkey as Mevu Periscopes. (2019)

Custom Design Torsion Bars were produced for different platforms. (2019)

Menatek established Menamed Medical Supply Company to fight against Covid-19. (2020)

Word From the Chairman

“ The most important goal of Defense Industry is to design original products while staying up to date with the technological evolution. Menatek Defense Technologies is taking firm steps towards this goal for its professions. I have 50 years of industrial experience as an engineer, both military and civil backgrounds. I took important roles in all modernization projects of the Turkish Army. My main objective is to transfer this experience to my kids, maintain its continuity and turn Menatek into a more corporate structure. For this objective; I dreamed, believed, worked hard and dedicated myself. Luckily, my kids took Menatek above my ideals. ”

Values & Strategy

Core Values:

  • Quality & Ethics First
  • Accumulating Know-How
  • Honesty & Responsibility
  • Hard Work & Dedication
  • Working with Competent People and Partners
  • Keeping up-to-date with Technologic Developments

Core Purpose:

  • To become the trusted solution centre for defense and energy that is related to manufacturing, engineering and product development.

Quality Policy

  • Preparing the necessary infrastructure for quality system application and its employees’ enrollment in the quality system
  • Providing products and services on time and with desired quality, conforming with national and international standards and legal terms through continuous improvement principle in order to meet its customers’ changing and enhancing needs
  • Utilizing necessary resources in order to include innovations to company structure, to follow up technology continues to improve its quality system.
  • Embracing continuous improvement of systems as a philosophy in order to stay in the innovative and competitive lane determining measurable targets at each phase of processes
  • Providing products and services with the utmost benefits to its customers and providing customer satisfaction as an institution which is conscious of its responsibilities concerning society and the environment.

Quality Certificate