Test Units

Quality being its number one priority Menatek consistently seeks to satisfy its customers’ needs. Good price adds value to customers if and only if the end product overlaps the scope of the project. In order to fulfill this objective Menatek also designs, manufactures and sets up necessary test units to guarantee its products quality or its customers need for their own purposes.

In example some of the test units for the assemblies and subsystems manufactured by Menatek are as the following:

• Life Cycle Test Units for:
 o Steering Gear Assemblies,
 o Hydraulic Master Cylinders,
 o Wheel Arms,
 o Torsion Bars

• Performance Test Units for:
 o Rotary Dampers,
 o Brake Systems

Menatek is capable of design, manufacture and set up custom test units for Engines and Transmission Systems as well. Menatek uses various types of Dynamometers (Water Dynamometer, Eddy-Current or Alternating Current Dynamometers) to perform the tests of Engines and Transmission Systems according to the customers’ requirements. The software of the Test Units is developed by Menatek’s well-established partners who are specialized in this area.

Test units can be designed and configured as universal units which enable the customer to test different variations of a specific product.