Torsion Bar



The Torsion bar is a product of mechanical ingenuity. It acts as an energy accumulator for almost all tanks and other military tracked vehicles carrying them through the battlefield in every situation for thousands of kilometres. A bar in production may go through more than ten processes including multiple heat treatments, forging, machining, shot peening and surface treatments. It is with 25 years of combined production experience and rigorous R&D, We as MENATEK perfected the design and production procedures of torsion bars

Custom Design

Every military doctrine utilizes a different set of items. This variability in gear causes a difference in tracked vehicle total weights therefore the need for specialized suspension springs becomes inevitable. Menatek possesses the ability to deliver any type of torsion bar tailored to the need of the vehicle.

80 mm Diameter

The maximums of the production capacity established by Menatek tuned to deliver products beyond the requirements of any military vehicle exists today to ensure a fast and smooth manufacturing process.

1400-2800 mm Length

Versatile manufacturing line enables Menatek to cover the entire spectrum of bars up to 2800 mm length.

Tested & Approved

Menatek offers a complete service that includes fatigue testing of bars as well as design & manufacturing.

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