Sur Armor Systems



There are over 30 parameters affecting the ballistic resistance of an add-on armor and we control all of them. Every layer and their interactions have been carefully engineered to provide the highest protection and multi-shot endurance.


We believe logistics is the determining factor in battle. In light of this notion, we design highly durable products that can withstand extreme environmental conditions and any hardship that may occur during transportation.


SUR armor products are manufactured under the supervision of two principles; Superior performance and uncompromised reliability. To deliver both, we choose to work with proven solution partners that are highly specialized in ballistic materials.


Every vehicle platform has a unique geometry depending on their strategic use and it is our job to provide top-level protection regardless of the complexity of exterior surfaces. The composite technology behind SUR add-on armors, which is developed specifically to present a flexible configuration, allows us to manipulate the design at will for maximum protection.


We introduced a new structural feature that significantly reduces areal density while maintaining the same ballistic resistance. This solution made for plates with protection level over STANAG 4, allows us to harness the strength of exotic materials that cannot be used in conventional composite designs. As a result, we have the ability to strictly control the shockwave propagation throughout the armor matrix.

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