Naz Bearings


Self-lubricating bearings under the designation “NAZ” are all-terrain products engineered specifically to show constant ultra-high performance under heavy dynamic and static loads. These new generation bearings endowed with a robust liner technology and ultra-durable structure to complete two objectives; Survival of the vehicle on the battlefield and uninterrupted logistics.

Unmatched Quality

Raw material selection is the only fundamental factor affecting every aspect of the end product therefore every acquisition of material tested under the principle of excellence before sent to manufacturing.

10.000.000 Cycles

Both laboratory and field tests showed excellent results reinforcing the reliability of NAZ Bearings in every natural environment under extreme loads.

Binary Lubrication Mechanism

MENATEK R&D recently made a breakthrough in bearing liner technology enables the production of a new superior liner composite that possesses two separate lubrication mechanisms significantly prolonging the lifetime of the bearing. With ultra-low surface friction coefficient and micro-bearing debris systems, NAZ Bearings take their places as flagship products in the market.

Armor Grade Structure

Inspiration taken from modern armor designs applied to the manufacturing processes of the bearings leads to a material matrix with gradually changing hardness and ductility that ensures maximum dynamic load dissipation and minimize crack propagation.


MENATEK dedicated a complete production line composed of high-tech machinery and experienced engineers to ensure precision levels down to 5 microns.

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