Mevu Periscopes


MeVu – M Series is the first and only indigenous Mono-Block glass periscope series manufactured in Turkey. Mono-Block glass body provides ultra-clear peripheral view while offering superior ballistic performance. MeVu - Series offers integrated heating on both Upper and Lower windows.

Ultra-Clear Peripheral View

Mono-Block glass body which ensures unique top visual clarity. Compared to 2 piece glass periscopes, Mono-Block structure provides bubble/porosity-free assembly and prevents issues such as fogging/misting and delamination.

Superior Ballistic Performance

MeVu - M Series provides Level 3 ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569.

Advanced Laser Protection

Beside ballistic protection M Series provides Laser protection for various wavelengths, to prevent eye injuries to user. 840nm OD 4, 905 nm OD 5, 1064 nm OD 6.

Integrated Window Heating

MeVu – M Series have De-misting heating integrated into both Upper and Lower windows. The integrated heating system works with 24 VDC and has 450 W/m² heating capability. The current versions use C8-33PW electrical connector in accordance with MIL-C-26482 but other types of connectors can also be adapted to M Series according to customer requirements. The heating feature can be completely removed in case there is no such customer requirement.

Incredible Robustness

Mono-Block glass body of M Series combined with advanced adhesive technology, provides unmatched structural integrity and maintenance-free nature. MeVu - M series periscopes can withstand:

• Shocks up to 10G for 6,0ms and 500G for 0,5ms
• Vibration up to 1,5G @ 60-400 Hz 1,0G @ 400-2000 Hz
• High-pressure water jet cleaning and dust

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