We were at Marmara University!


Our business development and strategy director, Naz Ünal, came together with the students at various universities and levels at MIES, a club founded by Marmara University Department of Industrial Engineering, to teach and share her experiences in the sector. Sectoral trends assessment, mergers and acquisitions in companies training, interesting stories took place in a lively atmosphere. Ms. Naz said that the excitement and enthusiasm of university students motivated her very much. We would like to thank the MIES community for the organization and the students who attended the training.

We were in ITU SAVTEK Days!


As Menatek, our principle is encouraging the young interested in the defense industry. With this motivation, we took part in the SAVTEK days organized by Istanbul Technical University. Technical Sales Specialist Sercan Posascı, a graduate of Production Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, gave a presentation about our “Innovative Approach”. Mehmet Unal, the managing partner of us , accompanied him telling the innovation process of Naz Bearings. The Strategy director of Naz Unal added the process of the new project which is named ‘the Hub” shortly. Mr. Kazım , our founder, had nostalgia when talking about his memories in the years when he was educated in ITU. We would like to thank everyone for the interest shown to us.

Menatek in the Nuclear Sector!


Nuclear Power Plants Summit for Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant held in Istanbul, we took our place as Menatek. The promising words for Turkish companies were taken from the summit of the sector. Steps are taken for local industry to take part in the project. As Menatek, we are eager to transfer our experience in the defense industry to the nuclear sector.

Saha Expo 2018


Menatek attended SAHA EXPO 2018 which is organized for the first time aiming to provide a magnificent meeting area for Turkey’s Defense Industry. Menatek Defense Technologies took its place in the show among many other valuable companies and had meetings with various suppliers. Menatek believes that these meetings will lead them to an even greater network of suppliers after the pre-evaluation and on-site audit of potential supplier processes.

Menatek’s Eurosatory 2018 Exhibition Summary


Menatek Defense Technologies attended to Eurosatory 2018 Defense Show as an exhibitor. It was an efficient exhibition where Menatek had meetings with both current and prospective customers. The highlight of the exhibition was the the second day of the show when two new products of Menatek; Naz Bearings and MeVu Periscopes, were launched. Both products were visitors’ center of attention at Menatek's booth



Menatek is going to attend one of the most prestigious defense shows Eurosatory’18 on 11-15 June 2018 in Paris. Menatek looks ahead to meet with both current and prospective customers and to surprise them with a couple of news.



Menatek’s 2nd appearance at IDEF was the most effective exhibition attendance of the company. Whilst welcoming our foreign customers at our hometown, two of the leading global defense industry companies


IAV’16 Conference London

Menatek’s Business Development Team was at IAV Conference.



We were at Paris Eurosatory Show.

Menatek attended the world’s leading Land Platform exhibition Eurosatory taking place in Paris. The components we had shown during the show captured the attention of the key corporations.



Menatek`s first appearance at IDEF Menatek exhibits at IDEF, one of the biggest defense exhibitions in the world. We have made really important connections which will be beneficial in the medium and long term plans of Menatek.

IDEF 19: Menatek Defense Technologies unveils new add-on armour solutions


Menatek Defense Technologies is a leading high-tech manufacturer; based in Istanbul, it is active in many fields, and in the last year it put a considerable R&D effort in the armour sector, developing new solution with its own financial and technical resources. The work started with Level 3 and 4 armour packages, known as SUR plates, which gave excellent results, ballistic tests being carried out at the FNSS facilities. Although marginally heavier than the best competitors, a weight saving programme having already started, Menatek solutions showed the capacity to withstand rounds with a 25% excess velocity compared to NATO 4569 standards. According to company R&D executive this is due to the company-developed new laminating technology which brings to a more elastic polymer giving birth to a semi-rigid plate, the shock wave thus dissipating in the three-dimensional fibre polymer matrix. The new polymer increases the fibre pulling, generating a cumulative effect which in the end allows catching all fragments in a very effective way, this technology allowing also obtaining superior spall liners. Tests were conducted with 8 shots to verify the multi hit capability, well over the required standard, angle shots and high velocity impacts being also part of the testing. Low velocity impacts, to verify the shatter gap phenomenon. All tests were successful, Menatek looking at further developments and improvements before launching its armour as a product, looking mostly at the export market as “our competition is not in Turkey,” the Director Business Development and Strategy told EDR On-Line. The company has already moved further stepping up to Level 5, which is a wholly different story. A medium calibre round travels at over Mach 3; to cope with the momentum, composite systems tend to lose the multi-hit capability as the two requirements collide. To cope with this Menatek introduced what it calls “the cell”, an element of a few centimetres per side that contains a combination of materials aimed at mitigating the penetrating power of the incoming bullet, reducing it in order to allow the base armour of the vehicle to withstand the hit. Cells are put together to form a superstructure that has a greater ballistic efficiency compared to conventional solutions, its inherent modularity also allowing easier reparation. Not only, However an impact transferring over 100 KJ of energy, typical of STANAG 5 threats can easily compromise the structural integrity of the plate or dislodge equipment pieces, which would become secondary projectiles inside the vehicle. The design of the new armoured plates developed by Menatek allows draining and distributing energy in a controllable manner, the residual energy being easily absorbed by the vehicle body. The armour package consists of the front armour made by the cell system, followed by a support panel, then a void space, and finally the base armour of the vehicle. According to the R&D executive this should allow to stop up to a 25 mm tungsten carbide round, although for the time being this comes from modelling, firing tests being awaited in the near future. The company is already working on a Level 6 solution, which might be unveiled at DSEI next September. “However we are not looking only at add-on armour solutions,” the Business Development Director tells us, “we try to think innovative and we hope to disclose surprising products, hopefully very soon.” As movie-makers would say, “To be continued.”www.edrmagazine.eu/idef-19-menatek-defense-technologies-unveils-new-add-on-armour-solutions


IDEF 2019: Menatek reveals new Sur armouring solution...

Turkey’s Menatek has developed a new Sur armour designed to provide advanced ballistic protection to armoured vehicles, and it unveiled the system at the International Defence Industry Fair 2019 (IDEF 2019) exhibition. At the event, Menatek presented three armour samples, which it said had been tested according to NATO STANAG 4569 standards and proven to provide protection up to STANAG 4569 level 4. Menatek director of Business Development and Strategy, Naz Ünal, told Jane’s that the company “has completed a one-year research and development [R&D] effort on the Sur armour, which has been completed without any external support”. She said the armour provides around a 25% performance increase over STANAG 4569 requirements. www.janes.com/article/88251/idef-2019-menatek-reveals-new-sur-armouring-solution

The launch of Sur Armor System


We took our place in 2019 as in every IDEF fair. At this fair, we will introduce our armor solutions, which we have demonstrated to perform well during the tests for STANAG 4569 level 3 and 4. Tests of level 5 plates of the same product group will be completed soon. We look forward to sharing the technology of this product. We proudly declare that the engineering of these products, whose name is SUR, is completely indigenous. We hope that this product, which we have developed as a result of long studies without providing any consulting or information, will be beneficial for our country.

Menatek in MSI Magazine!


Menatek talked about the future in an interview with MSI magazine. The interview with Mr. Kazım Ünal, Managing Director of MSI magazine Ümit Bayraktar and Managing Director Mehmet Ünal and Director of Business Development and Strategy Naz Ünal started with the foundation story of the company. The company, which attracted attention with its 100 percent growth rates in recent years, also talked about the transition from manufacturing to productisation. While it is mentioned that the importance of professional experiences in adding value to the products, they also underlined that they are trying to strengthen the local manufacturer. You can click the link to reach full interview. www.milscint.com/tr/soylesi-menatek-genel-muduru-kazim-unal-2/

MSI Magazine Land Systems Seminar Special Issue Menatek Article


Menatek, positioned as the sub-system supplier of many armored vehicle users around the world, becomes prominent with manufacturing sub-systems such as suspension-running gear systems, torsion bars, gear boxes and hydro-mechanic pumps for armored wheeled and tracked vehicles. Obtaining the major amount of its turnover from export, Menatek is also domestically positioned as the trusted supplier of the Turkish Land Forces Command along with its international customer portfolio. Please click to read the full article.

Torsion Bar


Menatek strategically took a bold step and took its Torsion Bar production capabilities to the next level. Company’s previous experiences with manufacturing torsion bars led it to accumulate an invaluable know-how. Continuous improvement being one of its core values, Menatek decided to make necessary investments for designing and testing of Torsion Bars in-house. Menatek is going to deliver its first in-house tested torsion bars at the end of 2018.

Our Chairman’s Euronewsport Magazine Interview


Our Chairman Kazım Unal’s Euronewsport Magazine Interview is Published on its 81th Issue. In the interview Kazım Unal made some statements on The Change in The Undersecretariat of Defense Industry, national projects, the future of defense Industry, the Importance of Indigenous manufacturing, Incentives Given to SMEs in Defense Industry and Menatek’s Novel Projects. Please read to get more detail euronewsport.com/Arsiv.aspx?Mkl=1369

MSI Turkish Defence Review September 2018: Menatek Article


Menatek added a new one, among its abilities, Menatek, which is a sub-system supplier of many armored vehicles in the world, adding to its capabilities, the design and testing of torsion bars. The company, which can produce torsion bars for the tracked armored vehicles, has obtained torsion bar design and testing capability from scratch with its infrastructure and human resource investment. Please click to read the full article.

MeVu Periscopes


Designed according to customer specifications meVu Periscopes are manufactured and delivered on desired time. Being the first heating integrated, mono block glass periscope manufactured in Turkey, meVu Periscopes successfully passed all the tests of our customer and Menatek Defense Technologies is entitled to be the sole source for periscopes with its optimized cost-quality-delivery procurement performance.


Patria Approved Supplier

Menatek, Patria’nın onaylı tedarikçisi oldu ve ilk siparişini tam zamanında en üst kalitede teslim etti. Ayrıca, iki taraf yeni bir ürün geliştirmek için anlaşmaya vardılar. Her iki şirket de 2018 yılı içinde bu işbirliğinin meyvesini toplamayı bekliyor.



Menatek’s Managing Partner Mehmet Unal and Business Development Executive Naz Unal were at DSEI to visit some of their UAE Customers.


MSI Magazine News

Menatek made an outstanding appearance in IDEF’17. Menatek clearly presented that it can satisfy the needs of both local and international defense industry putting its parts and sub-systems belonging to suspension, brake, power transmission, heating-cooling, chassis, hull and turret systems on display. Some executive level managers of industry leading, global companies such as Babcock, Merrill and 42 Solutions made their appearances in IDEF’17 taking their places at Menatek’s booth. It was also a great honor that Ground Forces Commander, personally visited Menatek booth, got very impressed by what Menatek is capable of and congratulated both management and employees.



Menatek’s Managing Partner Mehmet Unal and Business Development Executive Naz Unal were at IDEX to visit some of their UAE Customers.


BABCOCK’s Local partner

Menatek became Babcock International Group PLC’s local partner in Turkey. Babcock designs and solutions are ready now to be delivered to the end users manufacturing them in Turkey.



Menatek’s Managing Partner Mehmet Unal and Business Development Executive Naz Unal were at AUSA Annual Meeting to visit some of their US Customers.


DPRTE’16 Cardiff

Menatek’s Business Development Team was at DPRTE event in Cardiff.

Approved Supplier of Horstman


Menatek recently became Horstman Defence System's approved supplier.


C4 Defence Magazine

C4 Defence Magazine's editor and chief Mr. Ozgur Eksi , stated his opinions on Menatek's successful DSEI experience.

First Appearance of Menatek in MSI


Our Managing Partner Mehmet Unal’s interview with Turkey’s most read monthly Defense Technology Magazine, MSI.



We were at London DSEI'15

Menatek attended DSEI at Excel London with under the roof of Turkish Pavilion together with SSM and major Turkish primes.


New Facility

Menatek moved to its new facility where it has 23.000 sqf indoor area.